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1. Copyright

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2. Membership

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3. Access

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4. Data Protection

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5. Ownership

Femalesupremacy.com is owned and operated by Nebula Technology Ltd, Suite 9 The Centre, Lakes Industrial Park, Braintree, Essex, England, CM7 3RU

6. Limitations of Liability and Warranty

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Nebula Technology Ltd’s liability limitation is applicable whether the damages arise from use or reliance on the site, from inability to use the site, or from the interruption or suspended website access. This includes those incurred by third party.

Such limitation shall also apply relating to damages incurred by reason of other services or goods received through suggested on Femalesupremacy.com. This also applies to any goods or services appropriated via any link or recommendation provided on the website or performers appearing.

Nebula Technology Ltd is not liable for any advice received through or advertised on the site or received through any links provided on the site.

Without limitation, this is applicable to the costs of procurement of substitute goods or services, loss of profits or data and apply relating to the activity or lack of of any product or service relating to the website. Inclusive of products, services information. Such limitations shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law.

No liability relating to the conduct by Femalesupremacy.com’s partners or subscribers associated with the website is accepted.

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6. Governing Law

Nebula Technology Ltd operates under UK Law.